About Us



Rayyan and Rayn is an online Islamic Calligraphy gallery that helps young modern muslims to uplifts/decorate their home/office with hip and contemporary design. Unlike other Islamic calligraphy arts, Rayyan & Rayn Gallery is committed to produce unconventional modern design to uplift our perception on Islamic Arts.

This idea arises from proscpective clients survey who are very keen to hang Islamic calligraphy on their wall, but somewhat want some improvement from what we have on the market.

We love Islamic calligraphy, and we believe it deserve a much more. Time changes, and the age of creative and contemporary design has rapidly expanded. Changes are not necessarily bad, changes can be good.

Our product is modern calligraphy on canvas, ideal for wall décor for your home, business premises, restaurant, café, hijab boutique, musolla and mosque. It is also an ideal gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries and cooperate events.

On a last note, our company is a waqaf company. All profits are donated to rumah anak yatim dan asnaf around Gombak/Kajang/Bangi. Your purchase will directly contribute to the development of our Ummah, InsyaAllah.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us at hello@rayyanrayn.com