• Not the same as shown on the web?

This is a genuine concern! Most reservation with internet buy is the product is somehow slightly different from the picture we saw on the web. This is more true in colour related products. At the same time, the reverse is true. A photographed product might still appear different from the actual product. Difficult eh!

That is why our emphasis is on the design it self. The design work with various colour, so a slight variation on  tone will still have the same pulling effect as the original design you fall in love with! We, at the same time continued to strive to ensure the final product exceed your initial expectation.


  • Poor printing quality?

Our printing partner are one of the most recognized printing company in the Klang Valley area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their quality is proven and acknowledged.


  • Design not attractive enough?

We would like to think our design is neutral and innovative. If you are a fan of the traditional calligraphy you will find the selection still relevant to you. If you are more daring and eccentric we have something for you as well. Browse through our selection and hopefully you would find one that “speaks’ to you!


  • Other sizes not available?

The size of the current product is limited to 30cm x30 cm. As we are starting our business we would like to control our quality so you will come back to shop with us. kindly email us at order@rayyanrayn.com if you would like a custom-sized canvas, I am sure we can sort something out.


  • Suitability at my home/office wall?

Our designs allow better assimilation with any surrounding background (modern, nature, etc) as it blends well with both straight lines and  will contrast curves. Colourwise, we cater introvert and extroverts alike. In the situation where modern design too contrasting with a very traditional background, similar colour will allow integration between canvas and background. Our colour-tone design will allow same object to work with various wall colours.

Modern designs has it perks, apart from looking very individual at home, it also looks very professional in a working space.


  • Expensive for a printed canvas?

Our range of prices are actually on the lower side compared to the rest of the market. We want to make our product available for people of all walks of life.


  • Is the material used of good quality?

Our partner’s printer used high quality canvas material. We aim for good quality and durable product.


  • Fading?

Fading is not an issue unless the product there is prolonged direct sunlight exposure. It does don’t mean that you could only hang it on a dark room, it just means that the is best place not directly under the bright malaysian sunlight to prevent fading


  • Too ordinary?

Fair comment. The ordinary bit of the design is mainly the familiarity with current trend of wall calligraphy, but we try to bring it to another level by in cooperating modern touch to it, without loosing the actual essence of the Islamic value we trying to convey.


  • Why should we buy from you?

Our design is unique unlike other calligraphic/khat wall decors. Geometric or polygonal design are popular design types in the graphic design industry. It allows a design to exhibit modernism at the same time retaining the core or structure of the inspiring objects. In essence, that is what we try to exhibit in our design, bringing in modern touch to the ever beautiful Islamic calligraphy.

Apart from our design, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customer. Hopefully our labour of love will show during our interaction with our customers.


  • Can I have other sizes apart from the one advertised?

Yes of course. We well try to accommodate your size requirement to ensure you will have a wall décor that perfectly fit your wall. Kindly contact us at order@rayyanrayn.com and we will do what we can. They might be adjustment of design s dimensions to fit a custom frame.


  • Too modern? Too hip for Islam?

Islamic design has undergone little changes during the modern times. Current Islamic design and arts are heavily influence the golden days of Islamic expansion -from Abbassyian, Persian and most recently the Ottoman empire.  Design modernization has since taken place but have little change. This is very much so to retain the identity of islam as we know. Calligraphy has similar fete in terms of evolution. The traditional calligraphy has undergone little changes, apart from Kufic Art. Ironically Kufic Calligraphy, the oldest form of Islamic calligraphy, is the one which had the most update in the modern contemporary era. This is due to its angular and linear design, which transcend time. We therefore, would like to emulate that philosophy in our design.


  • Does not goes with the furniture of the house?

Any object can “blend” it with any surrounding with associations with similarities – we could match it with design or colour. Say your furniture does not fit with our design, we could try to pair  it with matching (or  sometimes contrasting) colours.


If you have any further question you could contact us at hello@rayyanrayn.com and we will be very grateful to assist you.