These are a few from our many satisfied customers. We glad we could brighten up their homes and offices!




“Thank you RR for the beautiful, unique & contemporary islamic art calligraphy. Can’t wait for more designs!”

Pn. Juraida Jalil, Manager, MAFALABS Studio, Shah Alam




“Alhamdulillah sy dah terima “versus of the throne” yg sy order. Thanks you so much Rayyan Rayn!!??? suka sgt2…..quality canvas sgt2 memuaskan…frame pon tebal n berkualiti….yg ptg makna ayat kursi ni.puas hati sgt2…..thumbs up???? lepas ni sy nk repeat order ya Rayyan Rayn? tq”

SN Seery, Stem Cell Transplant Co-ordinator, Cell Therapy Centre, PPUKM, Cheras




“I am loving the Poppy Design, You like it? You gotta own it! Follow Rayyan Rayn Gallery and a must buy design! Beautify your house and make them hipster-ish!”

Dr. Putri Afzan, Founder of KinderKaizen, Play-based kindergarten, Damansara